the award

The story of our organization


The Trench Trophy Award, Inc. provides recognition to football players who predominately play the position of offensive or defensive line for their school’s varsity, interscholastic football program. Schools include those of Section VI of the NYSPHSAA and Monsignor Martin Athletic Conference.

The specific objectives and purpose of the Trench Trophy shall be:

A. To promote sportsmanship, civic responsibility, and scholastic effort by athletes who predominately play football.

B. To provide recognition to football linemen in Western New York state.

C. To provide opportunities for players to be discovered by local, regional, and national intercollegiate football programs.

D. To promote the growth of youth athletics, specifically the sport of football.

Our name

"TRENCH TROPHY" was officially established by our committee at our first meeting on August 18, 2003. The name comes from the adage that linemen play "in the trenches."

Incorporation & Exempt status

In 2015 the Trench Trophy Executive Committee made the decision to incorporate as a non-profit organization and apply for tax exempt status under tax code 501(c)(3), thus making the organization independent.

On July 28, 2015, the Trench Trophy Award, Inc. was officially formed and on June 8, 2017, received IRS approval to become tax-exempt.

Memorialized members

In 2010 the Trench Trophy saw the loss of two of its founding members, John Gebhardt and Tom Terhart. These men were very important supporters of and generous contributors to the award.

Their loss greatly affected the committee and everyone who knew them. The Trench Trophy is proud to announce that our yearly college scholarship and Pitbull Awards have been renamed in honor of these members. The John Gebhardt Memorial Scholarship and Tom Terhart Pitbull Awards, which recognizes players at linebacker, fullback, and tight-end, are proud additions to our program; these awards were both renamed by result of a unanimous vote by the Trench Trophy Committee in late August of 2010.

Though we will always miss these great men, the Trench Trophy is honored that their legacy as supporters of the award will live on.

Our Memorialized Members:

John Gebhardt
Tom Terhart
Paul Ficzere
Gene Zinni
Bernie Ozolins

Bob Sharpe
Daryle Gustavel
Ralph Berns
Dick Gallagher
Milt Dickerson

Forever Enshrined

the Lineman creed

Halfbacks dance, and halfbacks flirt, while lineman crawl and eat the dirt.

When game time comes, backs run the ball. When glory comes, they get it all.

But if 100 yards they do gain, it's through the lineman's sweat and pain.

While halfbacks cry when they see blood, lineman hide it under mud.

Some backs have moves and others speed, but heart is all a lineman needs.

Backs are good, some are divine, but they'd be nothing without the line.

A halfback loves and then he weds, but lineman only love their sleds.

The fans all see halfbacks run, but few see what the line has done.

And that's why those who know agree, there's half a game that fans don't see.

Past Banquet Programs

Every year since 2005, the Trench Trophy has held an annual award banquet to honor that year's Inductees. Below are each year's banquet programs commemorating that season.